• Fees & Payment

  • The cost of an abortion may be covered by insurance but in most cases is not covered by Medicaid in Indiana. We offer a discount to women who have Medicaid or who are students. Payment must be made in full at the time of the appointment in the form of cash, money order, VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card. We do not accept personal checks. There is no additional charge for local anesthesia.

    If you are found to be beyond the first trimester by pelvic examination and/or ultrasound, we will not be able to do the abortion for you. In this case, we would refer you to a facility equipped to do pregnancy terminations after the first trimester. We would retain the cost of the counseling, lab work, pelvic exam, and the ultrasound if one is performed.

    If you are uninsured or paying by cash we offer the below discounted fee schedule. In some cases Patient Assistance Funding is available to help women who would otherwise not be able to afford the abortion care they need.


  • ServicePrice
    Surgical Abortion 6-11 weeks - $530
    Student Discount with ID - $510
    Medicaid Discount - $510
    Approved NAF - $400
    Surgical Abortion 12-13 weeks - $580
    Student Discount with ID - $560
    Medicaid Discount -$560
    Approved NAF - $450
    Medical Abortion Pill 6-10 weeks - $530
    Approved NAF - $400
    MicroRhogam Injection - $50 (for patients with Rh Negative blood)
    Conscious Oral Sedation - $25
    Depo -Pro - $75
  • Ask us about our Private Appointments

    Breakdown if abortion is not performed--
    Charges pro-rate as follows:

  • ServicePrice
    Partial Lab (urine only) - $25
    Complete lab work - $50
    Counseling - $25
    Pelvic exam with doctor - $25
    Sonogram Ultrasound - $125
  • Fees are subject to change. Please confirm when you call to schedule your appointment.