• Patient Comments

  • Comments from our Patients

    "I was very impressed with the time and effort spent on making sure we were equipped with birth control. I was equally impressed with the individual counseling and the efforts to make sure the decisions made were our decisions and that we were 'okay' with the decision."


    "I walked out feeling relieved and yet more than that, comforted"


    "I really appreciated the supportive and calm attitudes of everyone I met there that day--from the helpful receptionist to the smiling phlebotomist to the doctor who took the time to explain every step."


    "I'm glad I chose this clinic. I feel more confident about my decision. Being in the waiting room with the other girls gave me support and helped ease my guilt I have been carrying."


    "I liked the doctor that performed the procedure because he explained everything he was doing. The procedure itself was very uncomfortable but not really painful."


    "The facility is very nice and sensitive to your feelings and emotions."


    "I am glad that there is a place like this for women to go when they are faced with such a decision. My decision was right for me but I will probably never do it again."


    "The staff was great. They seemed concerned about my comfort and helped to make this situation as easy as possible."


    "I am thankful for people who work in this clinic and are supportive for our rights."


    "It is very comfortable and cozy and people are nice and respectful. They were pleasant and treated me with care like a normal person without passing judgment."


    "Home-like environment, friendly, concerned with patient's true feelings. I think I made the right decision to end the pregnancy. This experience has made me decide to do everything possible to prevent pregnancy."


    "I think that my decision will make a positive impact on my and my family's future. The clinic staff made my decision tons easier by not looking down at me for it. Thank you."